Content Complexity Transformed



This global client has a 200-year history and has grown to be the 3rd largest in its industry in the world. Operating over 60 countries, via over 450 companies and with 80k employees, it is an extremely complex organisation that has grown organically over time to include a wide variety of brands and markets. Having never built a global brand, this client has an intricate web of partners, involving disparate agencies in local markets, delivering their own creative and production. The result was marketing inefficiencies and inconsistent messaging, that, in turn, led to missed opportunities to further scale the business and attract new customers.


Content Symphony provided a fully integrated solution across the entire lifecycle of their content requirement, bringing together Creative, Content Production and Media Buying on one platform. From the platform, we created the master campaign strategy and then localised and adapted across different markets.  


With Content Symphony allowing for a single source of truth, all global markets can be accessed in one place, ensuring centralised management and version control. Distribution delivery of assets from the platform completes the end-to-end visibility from asset creation to distribution. Intelligence on the usage and performance of the assets can be accessed via real-time data reporting, and, with an integration of finance data, the ROI can also be measured. We delivered over 75,000 project files in 12 months.